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Make coffee art

Bake a Giant Cookie

Go Surfing

Explore Africa

Roast Marshmallows over a Fire

Ring a Church Bell

Visit Los Angeles

Go paragliding

Visit Greece

See lions in the wild

Visit Toronto

Chase a Tornado

Attend a music festival

Learn a Snowboard Trick

Live in the Countryside

Visit San Francisco

Become a model

Travel to Shanghai

Adopt a child

Visit a Palace

Go to the top of the Gherkin

Purchase an Island

Pick wild berries

Mix a Cocktail

Test Bucket

Fly in an Airplane

Visit Area 51

Walk over The High Line

Sleep in a TeePee

Graduate from High School

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Sail around the World

Visit a Japanese temple

Shave a Sheep

Catch a bouquet at a Wedding


Travel to Mexico City

Travel to Africa

Experience zero gravity

La Tomatina